About Us


The first Linear salon opened in Werribee in 1993 with just 5 passionate hairdressers.

22 years later – Linear consist of a team of professionals with diverse areas of expertise brought together by a common passion for style. Our 22 years of industry experience have shown us that when it comes to looks and beauty it is often a uniquely personal subject. Whether you’re looking to reinvent your style, or maintain a look you love, it is vital to have a professional with whom you can communicate and establish a relationship built on trust.

Your hair style is a prominent expression of who you are, and all the stylists here have been hand picked for their ability to create head-turning looks that suit your hair type, lifestyle, and budget.   

Do you love to indulge in your hair routine, or are you a get up and go type? We work with creating manageable looks that you can keep up with, whether that’s sleek, clean cut and natural or tousled and sexy. 

Our stylists are all professionally trained and open minded, fulfilling your needs through their knowledge of the latest techniques and trends (tailoring their knowledge of the latest techniques and trends to your needs).

Throughout all Linear salons we place an emphasis on having an open and energetic atmosphere where you feel comfortable and relaxed. In this space we can ensure that each individual gets attentive service that is efficient yet not rushed, adding an extra bounce to your hair and your step on your way out.

At Linear salons, the buzz and attitude of our salons along with the quality of our work will make you look forward to your next appointment.

Come in, lean back and see what we’re all about